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Dana’s program has been acclaimed from amateur and pro golfers a like. Each video tutorial is packed full of helpful and important tips. His website features different course categories, one on one tutorials, and custom feedback sessions. Start lowering your scores today by singing up!

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Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy
Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy
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Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy
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Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy
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Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy
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Michael Pena

For as long as I can remember I was somewhere between a 12 and 15 handi. I worked with Dana a handful of times and within six months I was down to a six for the first time in my life. Broke 80 and am enjoying golf a lot more.

Michael Pena, Actor

Robert Rock

Dana is one of the most informed golf teachers I have met in my travels all over the world playing professional golf. He also has an excellent skill for demonstrating swing techniques .

Robert Rock, PGA Tour Player

Grant Waite

Dana is one of the finest instructors in the world, so much so, I encourage my son to talk with him regularly.

Grant Waite, PGA Tour Player & Coach

Dana Dahlquist Online Golf Academy

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A coach on the PGA Tour for over 10 years, Dana is excited to announce the launch of his all new interactive golf platform 2.0! The website is filled with premium swing content giving you access to the secrets that have made Dana one of the most renowned teachers in the world. The platform also provides the opportunity to upload swings for analysis as well as directly communicate with Dana for feedback related to your swing.

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    In your profile, click “Start lesson” on the left side. You must be a silver, or gold member to have access to this feature. However, you can also purchase online lessons on an individual basis to access this feature as well. Once accessible, simply upload swings recorded from your smart phone or video camera, select the category of the videos, and submit the videos to Dana. He will be notified immediately upon submission.

  • How often is new content uploaded?

    New content will be uploaded on a weekly basis. We encourage you to submit your ideas for future videos utilizing the content forms available on the website.

  • How Quickly does Dana provide feedback and what is the turn around time on an online lesson?

    Gold and Platinum members have access to convenient online messaging with Dana. Once an online lesson or question is submitted, typical response time is usually within 48 hours.